Sale Edifier P180 with Mic (White)

Edifier P180 with Mic (White)

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Price: Rs1,599.00 Rs899.00
  • Stereo 3.5mm earphones with mic and remote
  • 16mm neodymium magnetic monomer for higher quality playback
  • Good mobile phone communication and high-fidelity playback
  • Ergonomic design rests well on your ears
  • Pick-up, hang-up and skip song button for iOS or Android


The H180 is one of the best offerings of classic earphones from Edifier with a easy to fit form factor and classic style. The H180 is known to have a sound signature that's comparable to professional headphones that's more than 100 times of its price tag. the Edifier H180 produces a well balanced life-like sound that's not overemphasized nor lack in any frequency band. These earbuds act as a replacement for all smart phone headphones. They are compatible with Apple iPhones, iPod, iPad and MacBooks. They are also a great fit for Android phones such as Samsung Galaxy S5, S4, Edge and Note, HTC One and Sony Xperia. If you are looking for good headphones for your laptop or tablet, the earphones will work as well. Use these headphones for listening to music or watching movies and TV shows on your computer or phone.


TPE Wire

Spending time unwinding your earphones is a thing of the past. TPE audio cable prevents your H180Ps from tangling making your earphones more durable

Handy Remote

Control your calls and music with a click of a button. Mic/remote is conveniently located on the wire.



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